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Build Bingo
Play along on May 7th and 8th
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Multipliers range from 1 to 10, skipping 9 for obvious reasons. You can gain extra multipliers by getting rows and the 4 corners.

There are a total of {{bingoVM.service.allPhrases.length}} phrases, click "Regenerate phrases" to see a different randomly generated set

Play with a different design
{{bingoVM.service.points * (bingoVM.service.multiplier + bingoVM.service.specialMultiplier)}}

{{bingoVM.service.rowsRemaining}} rows and the corners remaining

Yey, well done! Build 2018 must have been great!

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For best Fluent Design effects use Edge on RS4 or higher or Chrome with Experimental Web Platform features enabled in chrome://flags
Created by @MichaelGillett. If you have any suggestions for additional words or phrases then send me tweet
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